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Let me help you get out of the weeds

Complaint volume is hard to predict. Let me assist with the timely disposition of complaints so your team can stay on track.

Aware of your statutory authority, your regulatory framework and your mandate. Quality work that you can rely on.


Writing what you don't want to

Free up your staff so they can focus on the big stuff.

Dismissals, Counsels/Cautions and Letters of Advice

Ghostwriting that is quick, reliable and within your statutory authority

Best value. Sending dismissals out is a cost effective way to keep your staff's workload consistent.

Free your staff up to do the more complicated (and interesting!) investigative work.

Process design

Decision-making is easier when you follow a flow

Helping you build a framework for appropriate, consistent decision-making

Make sure that the authority exercised by your staff and Committees is consistent with your statutory and regulatory authority, and in line with your policies and procedures.

Facilitation, Presentations, Lunch and Learns

Meeting you where you are

Offering you and your staff something different. 

1. Facilitation services related to mental health, addictions, and employment.

2. Presentations and lunch and learns about professional ethics and regulation.



Robyn Schleihauf is a lawyer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with experience working for a professional regulator at the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society. She also has experience working in private practice, community legal aid clinics, and government.

She is interested in professional ethics, equity and diversity, and restorative justice.

Robyn also writes creative non-fiction and personal essays. You can find out more about her work using the link below.



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